Visit These Two Places When In New Haven Connecticut

What is there to say about New Haven Connecticut? As most people familiar with the city know, New Haven is the home of the Ivy League school Yale University. Yale University is the backbone of the city, and is responsible for most of the economic activity that goes on there. As the university goes, so goes New Haven. But there is more to the city than Yale. Read below to learn about a few attractions in the city you should consider checking out while visiting.

Even though there are other things to do when visiting New Haven, you still can’t overlook the importance of Yale University. Not only does this university keep the city afloat as well as educating some of our nation’s brightest, it’s also an historic tourist attraction for those visiting the city. While you may not be able to get into Yale, you can still visit at least.

Tours of the university campus are available daily and will introduce you to the best university has to offer. You’ll get to take in the beautiful landscaping and the old world Gothic architecture that makes this campus so attractive. There are also popular libraries and art museums here that people come to visit.

If you’re more into strange and macabre attractions, you may want to consider visiting the Grave of Midnight Mary. According to urban legend, a lady named Mary Hart died suddenly and unexpectedly and was buried as a result, which is what typically happens after someone dies.

But this is where things get a little strange. Rumor has it that, shortly after her burial, a relative awoke from a bad dream screaming that poor Mary had been buried alive. These nightmares continued for some time, and eventually Mary’s body was exhumed. Upon examination, the legend says evidence of Mary’s attempts to escape from her coffin were found. Is it true? Who knows, but if this sort of thing interests you, you can visit her tomb daily. If you pay her a visit, be sure to say a prayer for Mary and apologize for the wrong she suffered. You know, just in case.

There are plenty of things to do in the coastal town of New Haven Connecticut for tourists and permanent residents alike. While Yale University is one of the most popular stops in the area, as you’ve learned from the article above, there are other interesting aspects to this city as well. Consider checking the ones out mentioned here as well as any others you learn about.