Visit Connecticut Today

Connecticut is a state of contrasts. From urban skylines to forested hills to shoreline beaches, this state really offers something for everyone. The state has a strong economy and is home to several major universities. This state is the 29th most populous in the country, but the third smallest in area. It is very densely populated and is easily accessible to both New York City and Boston. The state’s first settlers were Dutch, but today the population is very diverse.

The state is known for many things and locals who are also called Nutmeggers enjoy a bounty of food and entertainment options. Many locals look down their noses at what other states and cities call fresh seafood. This is because residents enjoy seafood taken right out of the ocean. Fresh lobster and clams are two local favorites and Norwalk serves some of the best.

If you enjoy craft beer, this state offers some of the best. Companies such as City Stream Brewery, Half Full Brewery, and Rheingold Brewing Company produce award-winning brews. The CT Craft Brew Fest gives visitors and residents a chance to sample more than 200 beers.

Local residents enjoy an array of activities. On any given weekend evening, you can find locals at a field party. Someone offers their muddy field, builds a bonfire, and plays music and everyone enjoys the local beers.

The state is also rich with small communities. These small towns create close communities where people think of themselves as one big, happy family. There is a culture of helping others and no one feels alone.

When it comes to sports, these state residents are loyal to their teams. Almost every resident bleeds blue and white as they follow UConn basketball. They are also big fans of either the Red Sox or the Yankees and once they choose a team, they are fans for life.

Locals and guests alike flock to the ride the Boulder Dash considered by many to be the world’s best wooden roller coaster. Following this exciting ride, they can then take in a show at Hartford’s XFINITY theater.

Another fun place to visit is Gillette Castle. Built in 1914, this castle was owned by William Gillette who played Sherlock Homes several times. The castle features hidden mirrors and unusual locks and doorknobs. After an $11M restoration, the castle is now a popular site for campers and hikers.

Connecticut is an exciting state. Locals and visitors can enjoy good seafood, great entertainment, and some of the nicest people anywhere.